This week’s workshop focused on Deciding Whom To Hire & When, with Matt Nelson, a local Entrepreneur and Freelance Marketing Consultant and Lucas Frisbie, StartingBlock Madison’s Startup Team Strategist.

The gig economy is disrupting the way we hire talent and now you have more options of who to hire besides talent only looking for full time work. Certain initial project work such as logos, branding, marketing collateral, copywriting/content, is just that, a project, and does not require someone to be on your staff full time.

Hiring freelance talent is cost effective and can be done quickly. You might pay an initial higher upfront rate but you can expect to save 20-30% annually when you factor in not having to pay for benefits. Some of the most talented freelancers I know and have worked with in the past are “specialists” in what they do and provide a specialized set of skills that are usually hard to find in the market. In this case, this type of freelancer is great for a critical project that needs to be completed ASAP. You can onboard them quickly and many of them are used to jumping into a project that’s already kicked off or working from the very beginning.

Another advantage to hiring freelance talent is you open up your candidate pool much wider especially if you are open to allowing them to work remotely. Many freelancers became freelancers because they prefer not to work in an office full the time and have set up their own home offices to work out of. I know this can be a bit of a scary thought for any hiring manager but as long as you set proper expectations up front, are on the same page with them about the project and timeline you shouldn’t have any issues (especially if they’ve worked remotely much of their career).

So when the time comes to add to your team ask yourself if this is a true full time need or is this a project that can be completed by strong experienced freelance talent.

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