This morning’s Talent Maximizer Workshop on How to Find the Talent You Actually Need, featured Karla Angel from Carex Consulting and Chuck Klein from Exact Sciences.

There’s going to come a time when you no longer can hire your friends to help you build your startup company. In a highly competitive candidate driven market, it is harder than ever to find, onboard and retain top talent. However, once you understand this is a long term process and the necessary ways to find top talent, you will save yourself time, money and the potential of having to fire and rehire.

Tip #1: Always Be Recruiting

As an early stage startup, you more than likely won’t have the money to pay a search firm or have access to subscription based job boards to find available job seekers. So the searching falls on YOU! One of the most important things we try to reinforce with Founders when it comes to finding and hiring talent is to “always be recruiting.” Start attending tech-based networking groups, meet-up events and hack-a-thons to meet and establish relationships with good technologists. This will allow you to lay the groundwork early, tell them about you and your company and answer any questions they might have about what you do. Referrals are also a great avenue to utilize when looking for talent as well. Odds are, the developers or designers on your team now have friends or know of potential people who might be interested in working at your startup. Properly incentivize them to put the word out and keep an eye out for anyone they think might be a fit.

Tip #2: Craft Job Descriptions Carefully

When it comes to crafting a job description make it unique and write it in the tone of your company. Most job descriptions now are ‘cookie cutter’ and bland and don’t tell a story of who the company is, what you are looking for in the ideal candidate and whty they should come work at your organization.

Tip #3: Use Recruiting Platforms to Extend Your Reach

There are a plethora of tools and platforms available to post job descriptions and search for available talent. Some are free and some you have to pay for. We’ve listed some of our favorite resources below for you to check out.. Happy hunting!

  • LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to access full profile and contact information; allows targeted searches based on skill-set and location. Subscription based, so if you have just a few hires, this might be an area where Lucas Frisbie, our Startup Team Strategist, can assist you.
  • AngelList: focused on startup/small companies (tech focused).
  • GitHub: Depository for code, but has jobs board associated with it.
  • Indeed: More general positions, good place for administration support talent
  • Consider Employer Referral Networks and Recruiting Specialists (like Carex and QTI) for special niche recruiting needs


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