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StartingBlock - Entrepreneurial Teaching Fellow

821 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI, USA

Job Type

Limited Term / Benefits Eligible - July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025


StartingBlock - Madison's Startup Hub

About the Role

The StartingBlock Entrepreneurial Teaching Fellow is a key member of our small team, responsible for creating and delivering high-quality, practical learning experiences tailored to the needs of startups. This one-year fellowship combines curriculum development with direct teaching responsibilities, demanding a robust understanding of entrepreneurship, business strategies, funding trends and pedagogical tools to engage adult learners from a variety of backgrounds. The Entrepreneurial Teaching Fellow will not only be the lead instructor in our programmatic efforts, but will be responsible for building and managing a team of like minded, experienced contractors to round out our teaching team.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Curriculum Development and Strategy:
● Develop, source and continuously update educational materials specifically for our startup accelerators, ensuring alignment with Madison’s startup ecosystem.
● Maintain consistency and integration of teaching materials across various programs, setting a high standard for educational excellence.
● Stay informed about business trends, technological advancements, and educational methodologies to infuse the curriculum with the latest insights.
● Ensure connectivity between all StartingBlock programs including common usage of language, evaluation metrics and brand identity.

2. Teaching and Mentorship:
● Conduct courses, workshops, and seminars within the startup accelerators, fostering an interactive and impactful learning environment.
● Offer mentorship and advice to startup founders and teams, focusing on their business growth and strategic decision-making.
● Adapt teaching methods and materials in response to participant feedback and observed learning outcomes.
● Proactively build a network of mentors and subject matter experts who can consult with program participants.

3. Collaboration and Community Engagement:
● Work alongside accelerator mentors, and industry experts to ensure teaching content is practically relevant and industry-aligned.
● Establish connections with educational institutions and thought leaders to enhance teaching quality and content.
● Participate actively in community events, panels, and discussions as a representative of StartingBlock and its educational initiatives.

4. Program Management and Execution:
● Manage the organization, resource allocation, and delivery of educational sessions, ensuring a productive learning environment.
● Assess the impact of educational programs, utilizing feedback for continuous improvement.
● Coordinate with the marketing team to highlight the achievements and distinct features of the educational programs.
● Coordinate with leadership to develop programmatic budgets and identify potentially aligned funders.
● Ensure collection of program participation data for both evaluation and reporting.
● Manage marketing, recruiting, logistics and teaching responsibilities for multiple simultaneous programs.

5. Team Collaboration and Professional Growth:
● Lead with “Yes”.
● Contribute to a collaborative team atmosphere, sharing insights and strategies for effective teaching and curriculum development.
● Pursue professional development opportunities to refine teaching skills and stay current in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Candidates interested in this opportunity should send their resume and a cover letter that outlines their teaching experience and philosophy regarding entrepreneurship education to StartingBlock CEO Scott Mosley at Please include "Entrepreneurial Teaching Fellow Application" in the email subject line.

StartingBlock is an equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for all staff members.



● Bachelor’s degree in Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, or a related field; an

advanced degree is highly preferred.

● Demonstrated experience in teaching, building curriculum and building evaluation


● Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing progressively more complex,

tiered, curricular models.

● Demonstrated experience in building partnerships and collaborations with aligned but

potentially competitive organizations.

● Deep understanding of entrepreneurship, business strategy and funding trends.

● Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

● Engaging and dynamic teaching approach, capable of captivating a diverse group of


● Ability to adapt to the evolving needs of startups and educational programs.

● Strong organizational skills with the capacity to manage multiple tasks effectively.

About the Company

StartingBlock is Madison’s startup hub. At StartingBlock, we are committed to nurturing innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. We bring together a vibrant community of creators, founders, and thinkers, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to develop and innovate. We are in search of an Entrepreneurial Teaching Fellow for a 1-year duration, who will not only design educational content and programs but also actively engage in delivering content and mentoring within our startup accelerators.


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