Member Resources


In an effort to streamline communications for frequent member requests, our StartingBlock membership-related forms are all available below. Simply submit your desired form and we will follow up with you via email within one business day.


Our goal is to ensure that our members have everything they need to be successful. We’re constantly improving our membership services and would love to hear from you!

If you’re willing to leave your name below, our Membership Manager will reach out to you personally to continue the conversation.


If you’re an existing member hiring new employees who need access to StartingBlock, they will need a keycard created. Please fill out this form and a team member will follow up with you to arrange keycard pick up. Thanks! The activation fee for each new keycard is $25. Keycard replacement fee is $40. After form submission, you will receive an invoice for the appropriate amount via email.

Types of access (additional charges may apply):

-FULL (24/7) – All day access 7 days/week

-DAY (M-F) – All day access Monday-Friday


If you are experiencing keycard issues, please fill out this form with the desired information. You will receive a confirmation email once your keycard access issue has been resolved. Processing time is within 1-2 business days. Thank you!

If you require immediate assistance, please Slack Caleb Walters in addition to submitting this form.


Through StartingBlock, members have access to a discounted signage service that we encourage you to take advantage of if you are in need of additional signage for your company beyond any included in your initial membership cost. Once this form has been filled out and submitted, please allow for a full week for your request to process and the quote to be sent to you. Depending on the size and type of signage ordered, wait times may increase.


Before any alterations are made to an office space within StartingBlock, this form will need to be submitted and approved by the Membership Manager. Depending on the nature of the office alteration request, approval from American Family Insurance may also be needed prior to execution which may extend wait time. Office alterations include but are not limited to: -Carpet replacement -Painting walls -Installing items on the wall that require drilling -Any construction/demolition Thank you for understanding and taking the time to fill this out before proceeding with alterations.


Members need to request Return Access Privileges in order to have their keys reactivated. 

Companies with space and teams at StartingBlock must also comply with the Dane County Order #9.  Access to StartingBlock remains at this time limited to the secure (keyed) doors (the first floor staircase or elevators). The main glass doors between the 1st floor lobby and 2nd floor StartingBlock Welcome Desk will remain locked.


Visitors, family, friends, clients and guests should be limited to the extent possible until further notice. When it is necessary for clients and guests to access StartingBlock, members will need to meet them in the main lobby and escort them into StartingBlock. Non-member visitors must be registered beforehand so that security and StartingBlock are notified.


Please fill out this form in its entirety to request maintenance in your office space. Once submitted, you will receive a follow up email from StartingBlock’s Membership Manager to clarify your maintenance needs before resources are allocated to complete them.




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