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10 Week Entrepreneurship Immersion Course

Thinking about starting your own business?

Have a big problem you want to solve?

You've been thinking about a big problem that's driving you crazy. You think you have a solution. Our program is led by industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. We cover everything from essential business strategies to building an MVP. 

Want to put what you've learned in the classroom in to practice in the real world?

Throughout the program, you'll dive deep into market analysis, customer validation, financial planning and more, gaining invaluable insights and practical experience along the way. 

College didn't give you the tools to launch?

Whether you're a current college or graduate student or a recent graduate, this course is tailor-made to empower you with entrepreneurial knowledge and tools.

Our 10 week in person summer crash course in entrepreneurship will give you the tools, confidence and support to launch your own business. 

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