StartingBlock Madison Program & Community Manager

This critical, highly visible role will play an instrumental role in the day-to-day operations of the StartingBlock space. The Program & Community Manager will be a the primary point of contact for our members and be responsible for managing much StartingBlock’s physical space. Event coordination, visitor wayfinding, and knowledge of key partners’ operations will be important responsibilities. Communication and personality will be key to success in this position. The activities surrounding this position will help fuel StartingBlock now and into the future. If you like building communities, are passionate about working with entrepreneurs, and enjoy managing people, solving problems, and juggling logistics in a fast-paced, constantly evolving community, this position is a great fit for you.


Lucas Frisbie,

Programs Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all aspects of both programs and events, including programming by StartingBlock, collaborative programs, programs by StartingBlock partners, and third party programs.

Manage StartingBlock Programs & Events

  • Work closely with the StartingBlock program teams to conceive, plan, schedule, coordinate, and support programs and events organized or sponsored by StartingBlock to meet StartingBlock objectives along four program tracks: Launch, Grow, Innovate, and Give Back; and
  • Coordinate with StartingBlock program teams, Sponsors and Program Partners to ensure Sponsor/Partner commitments are met.

Coordinate External Programs & Events

  • Work closely with partners and external groups requesting or holding events at StartingBlock/Spark Building Be the point of contact. ; and
  • Identify key external program providers for external entrepreneurial events aligned with StartingBlock’s mission.

Manage program and events logistics

  • Manage event calendars and event scheduling, registration pages, etc.;
  • Manage staffing to support programs and events;
  • Manage event space reservations, set up, deliveries, and logistics;
  • Manage StartingBlock internal and external communications and PR relating to internal and external programs and events (Slack, social media, newsletter etc.);
  • Ensure event organizers compliance with StartingBlock and Spark Building Rules and Regulations; and
  • Engage and interact with partners and attendees as StartingBlock’s primary point of contact.

Community Responsibilities and Duties

Be main point of contact for StartingBlock community members and tenants

  • Be available on a consistent basis to manage routine member and visitor requests and questions;
  • Manage member/tenant onboarding, signage, questions, FAQs, community directory, etc;
  • Maintain welcome desk staffing schedule to ensure short and long-term coverage;
  • Manage and give building tours; and
  • Manage day-to-day space & room operations; including but not limited to access, layout, and audio-visual requirements; and
  • Coordinate with community managers for other building entities (DreamBank, American Family Institute)

Manage StartingBlock intern and volunteer teams.

  • Create intern/volunteer program that sources talent, establishes duties, defines projects, manages outcomes and evaluates outcomes for interns and volunteer teams
  • Manage communications with educational institutions around intern requirements, timelines etc.
  • Handle the day-to-day supervision of intern and volunteer teams.

Manage and execute StartingBlock communications and pr, including social media

  • Create, register, monitor and manage communication content for StartingBlock, including social media content (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • Collect, build, organize and maintain communications and photographic content for archival and future communication purposes
  • Develop and maintain content on StartingBlock website and social media accounts that list and showcase StartingBlock community


The successful candidate will be a high-energy communicator who thrives in a dynamic fast-paced work environment. They will be an extremely organized and process-driven individual who can routinely juggle competing priorities with a focus on internal and external customer satisfaction.

Education: High School Diploma is required. Associates or Bachelor Degree preferred.
Experience: Customer Service or Help Desk experience preferred. Event Management or Project Management experience preferred.
Skills: Organization, Communication, Critical Listening, Problem Solving, Prioritization, Persistence
Personal characteristics: Trustworthy, Consistent, Dependable, Self-starter, Unflappable,
Physical abilities: The ability to lift 70lbs.

About StartingBlock Madison

StartingBlock Madison represents a massive community effort — from Madison’s entrepreneurs community, city and business leaders, and our educational and government institutions — to help make Madison a global leader in entrepreneurship by sparking innovation and companies that make a difference – now and in the future. At StartingBlock, we create meaningful intersections that cultivate entrepreneurs, build innovative and growing companies, and drive new ideas into reality.

StartingBlock’s 50,000+ square foot entrepreneurial hub within the new Spark Building is a place for entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and community members to connect, share innovative ideas, and create next-generation businesses.


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