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Introducing ✨Her Network✨ by StartingBlock!

StartingBlock is Madison's hub for early stage startup growth and innovation. After years of supporting local leaders to launch and grow thriving organizations, I've seen firsthand the immense entrepreneurial talent our city harbors. I'm also aware of barriers facing underrepresented groups, including women business leaders and founders.

Her Network A Monthly Event Series

That's why I couldn't be more thrilled to announce the launch of Her Network - a new monthly event series starting January 18th, focused on building courageous connections among Madison Women in Business.

Hosted here at StartingBlock by Mel Butcher, Her Network is set to become a beloved meeting space for inspirational stories, transparent idea-sharing, and empowering collaborations. Sharing, supporting, and purposeful networking will happen over coffee and pastries.

With Mel's decade of engineering and consulting experience combined with her passion for accelerating women in leadership, I'm confident Her Network will soon be a catalyst for unlocked potential and realized dreams in businesses throughout Madison.

Mark Your Calendar

Be sure to secure your spot for the official January 18th kickoff event - you can RSVP here. Whether you identify as a woman or not, please take a moment to forward this introductory note to Madison area business women in your circle. Feel free to reach out with any questions in the interim as well. Contact Mel here.

I hope your 2024 is off to a great start.



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