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Meet the Madworks Accelerator Spring 2023 Cohort

Madworks by StartingBlock

The Madworks Accelerator Program

The Madworks Accelerator is a 11-week program, comprising tailored mentorship and building governance acumen. The program is industry agnostic. In addition to receiving a $6,500 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these organizations obtain a foundation in legal compliance, quality board management skills, and financial knowledge.

The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are domiciled in Wisconsin. Companies enrolled in the program have received:

  • Access to over $1M in perks and benefits

  • $6,500 in grant funding per participating team

  • 1 year membership to StartingBlock (24x7 access), with an exclusive space at StartingBlock dedicated to Madworks companies

  • Regular access to Madworks & StartingBlock staff and connections to their network of mentors and experts

The Companies

Benny / Andy Kalmon - Helps employees participate in their wealth-building benefits through education and benefit-backed lending.

Foxli - Mac McKinnon & Phil Carman - Innovative app that enables users to create and share complex to-do/budgeting/project management lists and general workflows using Augmented Reality technology.

GetCubby / Nick Kartos - Get Cubby helps busy families organize their messages, events, contacts and more.

Graceful Management Systems / Tommy Stanek - Enterprise resource planning service that improves efficiency of the construction process by utilizing completed project data sets, company financials, and real-time market feeds to generate estimates and accurate project schedules.

Madison Minutes / Hayley Sperling & Sam Hoisington - Creators of email newsletters that contain "news you can use" and event listings to a growing list of 16,000+ people in Dane County.

Switchback Health Technologies / Matt Koester - App that provides a fast and convenient way for Physical Therapists to prescribe custom home exercise programs by video recording their patients performing their exercises, and uploading them to secure patient profiles.

Sygmatic - Bradley Grochocinski & Kyle Schneider - The anti-Duolingo -- we move language learners beyond "perfect," academic grammar to immerse them in real, practical, and contextual communication through social media videos.

TripWardrobe / Coliér McNair - Clothing delivery service for travelers. TripWardrobe partners with hotel/lodging hosts to arrange for delivery of pre-selected clothing boxed items upon arrival at a customer's targeted destination.


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