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StartingBlock’s LAUNCH programs target cultivating early stage entrepreneurs.  LAUNCH programs include:

  • Community Pitch Nights
  • Pitch Competition 
  • Brown Bag Speaker Series
  • Intro to startup scene





GROW programs focus on helping mid-stage startups accelerate their growth through:

  • One-on-one mentoring and advising
  • Talent Maximizer Series
  • SNAP! Matching Student Talent with Hiring Startups
  • Financing 101 workshops
  • Founders’ Series




INNOVATE programs highlight Madison innovators in partnership with UW Madison. INNOVATE programs include:

  • Big Ideas from Badgers Forums
  • Reverse Pitch
  • How Would You…? Series




GIVE BACK programs focus on new types of entrepreneurship and ways startups can give back to their employees and community, making Madison stronger:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • B-corporation focused programs
  • Volunteer days with local nonprofit partners


Startup Support

StartingBlock also offers a unique recruiting service designed specifically for helping founders and startups grow. We help you build stronger teams, faster and with less risk.

A trusted partner in helping you grow, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for early hires and the risks early hiring decisions entail.

Our experienced team can guide you through the full life cycle of the recruiting process, including:

  • helping define the position and develop a compelling job description and compensation packages;
  • assisting you in developing a successful evaluation process;
  • identifying and recruiting candidates with the skills most important to your success;
  • pre-screening applicants to save you time and identify the best candidates you are likely to recruit successfully;
  • preparing candidate so that they are ready for your interview and hiring process;
  • providing outside evaluation of final candidates; and
  • helping you extend offers, negotiate salary and land the talent you want.

Our goal is to help growing stage startups build stronger teams in the competitive Madison market.   Contact



“Lucas’s direct approach took a historically difficult process and made it a breeze.”

Dan L.

“We were really struggling to fill an IT role and had spent a lot of time interviewing and screening to no avail. We toyed with opening up the application process again, but instead we got in touch with Lucas at StartingBlock. Lucas provided us with some great candidates, super quickly. The one he recommended as the best fit ended up being our newest employee! Lucas followed up on numerous occasions to see how things were going and to offer his assistance. He was very helpful and I’m grateful to have filled the role with his help!” 

Frank Productions

“You Rock! Thank you so much! I would be more than happy to write a testimonial for you if you would like so others know what you have done for us!”

Janis Henslee

CEO, Digital Fitness

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