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Meet the Madworks Accelerator Winter 2024 Cohort

This Winter, StartingBlock is providing 8 businesses with the opportunity to participate in the Madworks Accelerator program.

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The Madworks Accelerator

The Madworks Accelerator is a 11-week program, comprising tailored mentorship and building governance acumen. The program is industry agnostic. In addition to receiving a $6,500 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these organizations obtain a foundation in legal compliance, quality board management skills, and financial knowledge.

The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are domiciled in Wisconsin. Companies enrolled in the program have received:

  • Access to over $1M in perks and benefits

  • $6,500 in grant funding per participating team

  • 1 year membership to StartingBlock (24x7 access), with an exclusive space at StartingBlock dedicated to Madworks companies

  • Regular access to Madworks & StartingBlock staff and connections to their network of mentors and experts

Meet The Companies

  • Arts + Literature Laboratory / Jolynne Roorda & Rita Mae Reese - Community-driven contemporary arts center that works to increase access to the visual, literary, and performing arts and arts education and build a thriving and connected local arts community.

  • Equability / Hilary Pham - Clothing adaptation service for people with disabilities.

  • Gift 'n Grow / Terri Martin - Fabric gift wraps that are upcycled, reusable, and trackable, allowing each gift giver and recipient to see the journey their gift wrap takes over its lifetime.

  • Nerdbugs / Dr. Ronak Mehta - Creator of lovable anatomical plush organs that are on a mission to teach about acceptance and inclusivity while celebrating health and wellness.

  • Puttable / Nicholas Hruskoci - At home golf company that allows people to practice the game they love in the comforts of their home while elevating their game and home style.

  • Samsara / Dr. Caroline Burkey - Simple and powerful remote group learning platform for the modern workplace that was created by an educator for educators.

  • SideShift / Canyon Pergande & Nick Lawton - Two-sided marketplace that connects college jobseekers with small/local businesses for part-time work.

  • Vadar Alpha / Stephen Pounds - Intelligence augmentation for the global supply chain, with a focus on removing freight waste with AI.


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