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Meet the 2023 AmFam Institute Entrepreneurial Fellows

This fellowship is dedicated to supporting early and emerging companies led by remarkable women of color who are preparing for significant growth and impact. Whether their ventures lie in the realm of art, technology, or any industry vertical, this fellowship provides resources, mentorship and a supportive community to help these female entrepreneurs unlock their full potential and thrive in their respective fields.

Meet the Fellows!

China Moon Crowell: Bartender 608 

Since 1995, China Moon has bartended for dive bars, house parties, underground events, celebrity bashes, and fine dining establishments in NYC and the Midwest. She’s an old soul with a heart for gardening, reading, music, dancing, animals, and, putting her passport back in rotation.

She holds a degree in Hotel & Restaurant business management, was the Private Dining & Event Manager at The Edgewater Hotel from 2016-2018, and is a member of the Beta Beta Psi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

China Moon is an eager reader (and dotes on Stephen King and Dean Koontz novels.) She loves aged Brugal Rum on the rocks with lime. An Intoxicologist through and through, China Moon is known for concocting something from nothing with whatever is available in the place!

Bartender 608 Intoxicologists and Cocktail Caterers, LLC. is a liquid catering company that has been in business since May 2007 here in the midwest. We make it our mission to excel by adding creativity, tasty ingredients, and a fun, professional workflow to the mix.

Araceli Esparza: Midwest Mujeres Collective 

Named 2015 Wisconsin’s Most Influential Latina, Araceli Esparza founded Midwest Mujeres Inc., where she helps Latinas tell their story and grow their speaking platform. Araceli is also a diversity speaker, podcast host, poet, and consultant for libraries, historical sites, and nonprofit organizations. She actively supports diverse leaders in Black and Latina communities. She was born and raised in Madison, WI; her parents were migrant farmworkers from Guanajuato, Mexico, from whom she still gathers her strength.

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Angeline Mboutngam: Angele Risk Management Consulting LLC

Angele Risk Management Consulting LLC is a cybersecurity and risk management firm focused on serving small nonprofits owned by people of color, serving vulnerable communities. We provide customized solutions and training to help these organizations protect their sensitive data, mitigate risks, and ensure the continuity of their important services.

Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores: Shadayra Cura

Shadayra Cura seeks to provide recruitment, training, and consulting to help its clients develop, implement and review civilian oversight of law enforcement. Although still in the developing stages, Shadayra Cura is on a mission to create safer communities in the Madison area and beyond.


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