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Meet the Madworks Accelerator Fall 2023 Cohort

This Fall, StartingBlock is providing 8 businesses with the opportunity to participate in the Madworks Accelerator program.

The Madworks Accelerator

The Madworks Accelerator is a 11-week program, comprising tailored mentorship and building governance acumen. The program is industry agnostic. In addition to receiving a $6,500 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these organizations obtain a foundation in legal compliance, quality board management skills, and financial knowledge.

The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are domiciled in Wisconsin. Companies enrolled in the program have received:

  • Access to over $1M in perks and benefits

  • $6,500 in grant funding per participating team

  • 1 year membership to StartingBlock (24x7 access), with an exclusive space at StartingBlock dedicated to Madworks companies

  • Regular access to Madworks & StartingBlock staff and connections to their network of mentors and experts

This group of new companies is one of the most diverse cohorts that we have welcomed to the Madworks program. We thrilled to have them join the Madworks family.

Susie Younkle, Madworks Program Manager

Meet The Companies

  • 1Director / Rianne Lund - All-inclusive software suite for funeral homes to manage their business and allow families to make funeral arrangements from the comfort of their own home.

  • Figgy / Rachel Neill & Chris Roepe - Creators of kids play couches that are fun, high quality, safe, and sustainable.

  • NOVII CPA / Victoria Thayer - Outsourced accounting solutions, financial preparation services, tax planning and tax preparation, and CFO services.

  • Petphoria / Grace Wang - Modern lifestyle brand for pets and their people. Offering a wide variety of premium products for your pet - from delicious dog treats to trendy dog toys.

  • Redfox AI / Nick Myers - Voice-activated AI that verbally facilitates and troubleshoots home diagnostics and medical devices helping manufacturers and providers be there at the point of care.

  • Soul Mobility / Troy Tesmer - Mobility solutions for the physically challenged to support their independence and well being. The initial product, Power-Flex, wil convert a manual wheelchair to a power chair quickly and with no tools.

  • Snow Scholars / Jake Piekarski - Affordable and personable residential snow removal company that employs college students at several college towns throughout the Midwest.

  • Spraycision / Dervis Gursoy - Designs and manufactures advanced level sensor systems for orchard sprayers that automatically control nozzles to reduce the chemicals, fuel and water usage and to provide eco-friendly solutions in spray applications.


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