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Meet the Level Set Coaching Program Spring 2023 Cohort

Level Set by StartingBlock Logo

The Level Set Coaching Program

The Level Set coaching program is a 6 month program, comprising tailored mentorship for idea stage companies and solo-preneurs. The program is industry agnostic. In addition to receiving a $1000 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these organizations move their ideas forward using a milestone based coaching process..

The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are domiciled in Wisconsin. Companies enrolled in the program have received:

  • Access to over $1M in perks and benefits

  • $1,000 in grant funding per participating team

  • 6 month membership to StartingBlock (24x7 access), with an exclusive space at StartingBlock dedicated to Level Set companies

  • Regular access to StartingBlock staff and connections to their network of mentors and experts and to Madworks community sessions

The Companies

JJ Pagac / CityFixr / CityFixr is an ad supported, real-time app that enables cyclists to report and identify safety concerns, similar to how Waze functions for cars.

Diana Pastrana / Defyne, LLC / Defyne helps organizations grow through conflict.

Ben Miller / Kwikdrip / Kwikdrip sources, curates, and up-cycles vintage clothing by selling it online and in person.

William Stephenson / Poppl / Poppl is a voting-based social network to highlight the collective perspective instead of the loudest voices.

Emily Ellenbecker / Refined Edge LLC / In a world full of noise, we exist to remind Founders of who they are and why they’re here so they can scale their business from a place of unshakable direction and identity.

Ben Yang / THINKponics / We offer environmental education services through the development of curricula and aquaponic systems, which are systems that grow plants utilizing fish.

Leslie Schroeder / Wisconsin Linen Revival / Work to establish a regionally scaled flax to linen textile industry in southern Wisconsin.


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