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Meet the Madworks Summer 2023 Mission Based Accelerator

This summer, StartingBlock is providing 11 mission based businesses with the opportunity to participate in the Madworks Mission Based Accelerator.

The Mission

Here's what it's all about:

The Madworks Mission Based Accelerator is a 9-week program, comprising tailored mentorship and building governance acumen. The program is tailored for organizations that are mission focused. In addition to receiving a $6,500 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these organizations obtain a foundation in legal compliance, quality board management skills, and financial knowledge. In addition, the Madworks Mission Based Accelerator has specific resources for companies that earn revenue from grants and government contracts.

The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are domiciled in Wisconsin. Companies enrolled in the program have received:

  • $6,500 in grant funding per participating team

  • 1 year membership to StartingBlock (24x7 access), with an exclusive space at StartingBlock dedicated to Madworks companies

  • Regular access to Madworks & StartingBlock staff and connections to their network of mentors and experts

The Companies

Beyond Words Productions / Jamie Perez - Creating paths of empathy and boosting local economic growth through heartfelt and emotional storytelling for businesses, organizations, and nonprofits.

Communication Madison / Jennifer Bastian - Communication is a sober, all-ages arts and music nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin, dedicated to cultivating stronger bonds throughout the creative community in and beyond Madison by engaging in antiracist work, mutual aid, and equitable compensation for artists and musicians.

Dane County Food Collective / Noah Bloedorn: Working for the betterment of our local food system through advocacy, resource sharing, and collective action.

Goody Supply Co. / Megan Sollenberger - A business model that allows families to take care of their essential needs (diapers, wipes, training pads) that also takes care of others by donating to community diaper banks.

Green Pastures Living / Anne Michels - To provide affordable housing and assistance to resources for senior citizens who live independently and wish to remain rooted in rural living.

Isthmus Community Media / Jason Joyce - A Madison community newspaper used to inform and engage the local community through independent, in-depth journalism with the belief in the power of storytelling.

Lead to Soar / Melissa (Mel) Butcher: Closing the gender leadership gap with an established virtual network by selling individual memberships to women and corporate packages that organizations purchase for cohorts of their women.

MainStreet Thrive / Diane Reiner - A Newsletter/Website/Workbook created to help mom-and-pop and MainStreet businesses survive and thrive.

The Layered Onion / Linda Syth - A social impact company created to eliminate mental health stigma by sharing and promoting works by artists with lived experience.

Mindset2Money/Veronica Barnes - An organization created to address economic inequalities in the BIPOC community, especially young adults. The organization emphasizes teaching income generation strategies and financial management skills to help individuals gain financial stability and independence.

Wrath and Love Magazine / Bryanna Allen - A website & social media channel that celebrates unconventional, provocative, and diverse art with the mission to ignite a global movement driven by creativity and exploration.


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